by Kate Strassel


It’s no secret that Langwater Farm in North Easton is one of the region’s premier sources of locally and organically grown produce. Their farm stand, located on Route 138 just a bit up the road from Stonehill College, boasts an admirable selection of their own produce as well as occasional items grown or produced by nearby sustainable farms. Participants in Langwater’s seasonal CSAs and purchasers of the weekly organic farm boxes know just how dedicated the O’Dwyer family is to providing fresh, delicious, and local produce to the community, which is why they will be thrilled to learn of the Farm’s newest undertaking. In June, Langwater Farm hosted its first plant tour, given by area herbalist Maureen Lapre. Maureen led the group of plant enthusiasts through the herb garden and along the farm roads that weave through the 80-acre farm, pointing out common plants and weeds that can be used simply and safely to support health. Participants not only learned how to identify these wild plants and herbs but also discovered their distinguishing characteristics, what time of year they can be found, methods of preparation, and nutritional value. Maureen discussed the historical usage and current medical benefits of each plant along with general techniques for using herbs in daily life. The walk was informal, fun, interactive, and educational …and hopefully the first of many such programs to be offered by the farm in the future.

Langwater Farm
North Easton, MA 02356
(508) 205-9665
209 Washington Street (Rte. 139)

Kate Strassel is a freelance food writer for whom writing comes much more naturally than riding a bike. She lives in East Bridgewater with her husband and two kids.