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If you’re lucky enough to call Southeastern Massachusetts home, or are vacationing here this summer, do yourself a favor and explore one of the many variations of the New England lobster roll at some of these popular spots. Can’t decide if you prefer your roll with butter or mayo? Hot or cold?

Celery or lemon? Try them all!

SE MA serves some seriously epic lobster rolls in equally impressive locations – treat yourself to a delicious summer lunch!

Here’s our list:

Bramhall’s Country Store – Plymouth


Their lobster rolls come in two sizes ¼ lb and ½ lb and have just a pinch of mayonnaise salt and pepper served on either a New England bun or brioche roll. 


Mill Wharf- Scituate


Using fresh shucked Scituate lobster with mayonnaise and celery on a grilled bun. 

Jake’s Seafood – Hull


They offer customizable lobster rolls served either with mayonnaise or drawn butter on a grilled hot dog bun.

Cabbyshack- Plymouth


Their rolls have heaping piles of fresh lobster mixed with mayonnaise and celery on a bed of crunchy lettuce and a New England bun.

Oxford Creamery- Mattapoisset


Lobster roll with mayonnaise and lettuce on a buttery toasted hot dog roll. 


Snug Harbor- Duxbury


Snug Harbor offers diners both hot or cold options dressed the with mayonnaise, celery, lemon and a delicious yet subtle blend of spices.


Quahog Republic- Wareham


They offer their rolls in ¼ lb ½ lb and monsta size served with mayonnaise on brioche rolls with hot drawn butter to pour over top .

Green Harbor Lobster Pound- Marshfield


They offer both regular and jumbo sized lobster rolls and shuck their lobsters daily. 

If you’re looking to find your favorite lobster roll this summer, use this list as a perfect South Shore lobster roll passport!

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Laurie Hepworth

The esteemed Publisher of Edible Southeastern Massachusetts magazine. Reach her at laurie@edibleSEMA.com.

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