by Mandy McAndrews.

Words and Photo: Mandy McAndrews

Handcrafted creamy goodness for your buffalo chicken dip and charcuterie boards this fall, and it’s all made right here on the South Coast. Since the 1990s, Great Hill Blue has created award-winning blue cheese. It’s all made by hand on a gorgeous property replete with gently rolling hills, ocean views, and a happy herd of Guernsey cows. Their blue cheese is ripened and made with raw, unhomogenized milk which gives it its scrumptious gourmet taste. Quality is important, so Great Hill Blue is never made with bleach or food coloring, giving it a more dense and yellow curd. Available in several cuts for all of your blue cheese needs.

Great Hill Blue
160 Delano Road

Marion, MA 02738
(508) 748-2208

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