Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore and South Coast
present Antibiotics in Your Food, May 15, 2014


Books in the Old Colony Library Network

Blaser, Martin J. Missing Microbes: How the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues 2014.

Rodale, Maria. Organic Manifesto: how organic farming can heal our planet, feed the world and keep us safe. 2010.

O’Brien, Robyn. The Unhealthy Truth: how our food is making us sick and what we can do about it2009.

Eastabrook, Barry. Tomatoland: how modern industrial agriculture destroyed our most alluring fruit. 2011. (electronic resource)

Websites   South Shore Organics. Food &Environment Reporting Network. The Organic Center. Organic Farming Research Foundation.                                          U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Center for Disease Control: food safety and antibiotic resistance.

In The News

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