Carlie and Carley or Carley and Carlie?

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by Pamela Denholm

Fruity sweet and cool as ice—who doesn’t love a summertime smoothie? Not those syrupy, colored drive-thru wannabes. I’m talking the real deal! Authentic flavors from actual fruit and veggies, smoothies that your summer curves love: nutritious AND delicious. But our fast-paced existence leaves little time for fruit peeling and chopping, and it’s hard to find an authentic smoothie on the fly—precisely the dilemma two local entrepreneurs, Carlie and Carley, set out to resolve.

The pair met at the gym. Carlie was working in real estate, with a double bachelor’s degree in exercise science and business management and a higher education degree in whole health. Carley had left her career with a staffing agency to finish her communications degree. They soon became good friends, and their busy schedules and love for clean, healthy, whole foods got ideas sprouting. Today, Carlie and Carley are known as the Blendah Babes, and have been in business for two years offering yummy whole food blendah creations, like their Lean Green Pineapple Queen smoothie (so good!), at farmers’ markets and other events.

This year, the Blendah Babes have scaled it up! Customers will be delighted to know that they can get fresh with their favorite blendah flavor whenever the mood strikes, because they are now all packaged and sold ready-to-blend. Just pour the perfectly portioned contents of the frozen cup into your blender with the prescribed amount of water (or other liquid of your choice), and with a short whir of the blades your smoothie is ready. It’s like having the Blendah Babes with you in the kitchen!

Carlie and Carley have paid careful attention to important little details: you can pour your smoothie back into the original cup to take on the go; there is no plastic in the packaging; they support local farms as the season allows; smoothies are gluten-free; and all the powerhouse seed and protein ingredients are organic.

“Now you can consume consciously no matter how full your schedule,” says Carlie. And they should both know. With children of their own and a start-up to grow, this dynamic duo just doesn’t stop moving. They are faced with the same challenge many of us can relate to: balancing multiple priorities on a tight schedule. Their day-to-day routine is filled with shopping, prepping, marketing, and making deliveries, but Carlie and Carley are hoping to see Blendah Babes smoothies on retail shelves soon, and even as grab-and go options in local gyms and health centers. They have a solid, scalable business plan and a good support system—all ingredients that spell success! Right now their smoothies are available online; smoothie flavors like Mango Break My Heart and Strawberry Fields Forever will win you over and make the Blendah Babes the go-to babes for quick and easy blendah creations.

Unfortunately, Blanda Babes has closed as of 2020. 

Pamela Denholm is the owner of South Shore Organics, and she doesn’t sit still for long either—not while there are places to go, people to see, mountains to climb. Some mornings a ready-to-blend smoothie is nothing short of a godsend.