Edible Southeastern Massachusetts better represents coverage area.

Kingston, Mass—Edible South Shore & South Coast, founded in 2008 just published its 60th issue and introduced its new name, Edible Southeastern Massachusetts today. The name change is to better represent the entire community it covers. This coverage includes over 50 towns and cities sandwiched between Boston, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod.

Laurie Hepworth and Michael Hart, the publishers of Edible Southeastern Massachusetts (Edible SEMA) want to encompass all the aspects of the coverage area both land and sea. “The name change represents the interconnectedness of the entire region—coasts, farms, suburbs, and cities—to each other and the greater Southeastern Mass area.”

Edible SEMA is a hyper-local organization that celebrates the abundance of seasonal food, drink, and unique independent businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts. Through its beautiful quarterly magazine publication, engaging website, events, and sponsorships, Edible SEMA embraces the locavore movement and looks to extend its relationships to serve the entire region. “Coastal and farming communities are lovely,” continues Hepworth. “But we also strive to share important and meaningful stories of our more urban areas and have them feel that this is their magazine too.” Four of the state’s top ten largest cities are located within Edible SEMA-land are Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, and Quincy. Taunton, Weymouth, and Attleboro are not far behind on that list.

Founded with the belief that food choices do make a difference—to one’s health; to the health of the planet; and to the enjoyment of life, Edible SEMA started as Edible South Shore, then added South Coast in 2013. The current name change is a natural progression in encompassing all those committed to a sustainable, local food culture in the region. Edible SEMA is a member of Edible Communities, the largest media organization devoted to the local food movement.


For more information please contact:
Laurie Hepworth, Publisher
Office: (781) 582-1726
Direct number: (781) 361-0620