By Melissa Gugliotta.

Don’t Miss Donut King’s Tasty New Treats

Donut King Donut Hamburger

Donut King Donut Hamburger

Living in Weymouth, it’s impossible not to know the Donut King. The locally-iconic shop was—at least prior to COVID-19—a hopping morning hub for both the hurried and hanging out alike.

Believe it or not, the first time I tried a Donut King donut was in our local hardware store. Bite-sized pieces had been cut up for customers waiting at the register, and even in this somewhat unorthodox setting, these donuts left an impression.

Despite how good they were, it would be well over a year before I ventured back to Donut King—and honestly, I’m regretting all the tasty treats I missed in that amount of time.

Thankfully, I was tipped off by my husband who often stops at Donut King for a breakfast sandwich on his way to work. And since he’s a serious donut lover, he wasted no time in telling me they’d recently upped their donut game pretty significantly.

Besides their traditional selection of already-awesome donuts, Donut King was making more fun, creative options. His personal favorite was the “hamburger” donut. I’ll admit this one piqued my interest, and it was time to check it out for myself.

Big Changes and Big Flavors

Donut King Sign

Donut Sundae anyone?

Donut King has done a great job adjusting their customer traffic flow to accommodate COVID-19 safety precautions—and in doing so, given us some sweet relief to help make this summer brighter.

Although our early-morning trip wasn’t quite the right time for a donut sundae – as their door sign promoted – I had to admit this sounded like a deliciously customizable option.

Once inside and faced with the large donut selection, I was even more impressed. While still offering their great traditional flavors, Donut King had added trays and trays full of new creations. For our taste test, we chose four donuts with a variety of flavor profiles, and they did not disappoint:

The Hamburger Donut

So unique! A light, fluffy cake donut sprinkled with sugar made up the “bun,” while a chocolate glazed stood in for the “hamburger” patty. On top of the “burger,” a generous layer of Boston Creme served as a yummy surprise. (Maybe the best burger ever?)

Donut King Plate of Donuts

Donut King Plate of Donuts

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Donut

As a huge fan of the cereal as a kid, this one was an obvious choice for me. A plain donut drizzled with icing and topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, this relatively simple creation packed a sweet punch.

The Strawberries & Cream Donut

Hands-down my favorite of the bunch, this donut was the perfect summer treat! Light and perfectly-fried, dipped in sugar and topped with a whole strawberry, it was cut in half and stuffed with more strawberry slices and dollops of fresh whipped cream.

The Nutella Crunch Donut

Nutella, the famous chocolate-hazelnut spread, is rich, and a little truly goes a long way. This glazed donut drizzled with a bit of Nutella was perfect, and even better once I discovered the whole Ferrero Rocher candy on top!

Don’t take as long as I did to check out Donut King’s tasty new flavors!

Donut King has a wide variety of breakfast items and beverages, and they keep their Facebook page updated with the day’s offerings, so it’s easy to stay on top of their new donut creations. It is well worth the trip.

Donut King is open every day from 4am to 2pm, with their grill running until noon. Having this family-owned donut and pastry shop down the street has been a bright light and bite in these uncertain times!

Donut King
411 Middle Street

Weymouth, MA 02189
(781) 335-0524

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