By Zack Lamothe.

For the past few years, it seems that seltzer, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is seemingly everywhere—from advertisements on television and billboards to grocery and liquor store shelves. As national brands such as White Claw and Truly have become summertime staples and viable beer alternatives, breweries, distilleries, and dispensaries throughout the South Shore and South Coast have created their own spin on seltzer. With few calories, hard seltzer is a refreshing alternative and is even thirst-quenching for those dog days of summer. Instead of reaching for a national brand, check out these local, and delicious, alternatives.

Triple M Dispensary in Plymouth has a seltzer they call “CannaSpritzer” which is flavored seltzer made with local cannabis. It comes in such varieties as blood orange bergamot, lemongrass lime, and lemon lavender. The taste is mild, similar to a hard seltzer, but with a mellowing effect due to the THC. The taste permeates throughout, with pronounced flavors of lemon and lavender or whatever you choose.

Look for local seltzers on draft at breweries such as Mayflower Brewing and Second Wind Brewing in Plymouth, Bog Iron in Norton, and 10th District in Abington. Mayflower’s lemon seltzer has a refreshing natural lemon taste. Brewery 44 in Carver has an array of flavors. Take your pick from the traditional (orange and lemon) to the wild (pink lemonade, mint Mojito, or Tiki Kye). Other seltzers, such as those from Easton’s Shovel Town Brewery or  Plymouth’s Dirty Water Distillery, are canned and sold on-site. Dirty Water’s seltzers feature refreshing flavors such as blueberry lemon and pineapple mango. Each flavor’s taste is pronounced, but in a subtle way, making a perfectly balanced drink.

If you are looking for local seltzers under one roof, check out Craft Beer Cellar in Plymouth. Local seltzer offerings available here include Weymouth’s Barrel House Z and hemp-infused Race Point Seltzer from Orleans on Cape Cod, which comes in flavors such as grapefruit and raspberry. For a local craft non-alcoholic seltzer, Tree House Brewing Company—which recently opened its Sandwich location—at times offers cans of their seltzer to go.

With further emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, seltzer has become a more natural alternative to soda. With the rise of hard seltzer, although still alcoholic, seltzer provides an antidote to heavy and caloric beer or mixed drinks. With hard seltzer, the taste is not compromised. Thankfully, in Southeastern Massachusetts there are many local breweries, distilleries, and other establishments making top-notch seltzer. From enjoying seltzer on draft at a local brewery, purchasing cans to-go on location, or seeing what local brands are in stock at your local store, the seltzer fan will not be disappointed by our community’s local selection! And for something completely unique, trying a CannaSpritzer from Triple M is certainly a seltzer experience like no other!

Local Seltzer Manufacturers

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