by Brendan Martin Coyne.

ACK Roasters

ACK Roasters Scituate Harbor Christmas Blend

“Better Planet, Better Beans, Better Coffee®” — what more could you want on a cold, crisp morning than fresh, locally roasted coffee?

ACK Roasters is a local woman-owned company in Scituate that focuses on creating superb coffee, sustainability, and giving back to the community. Its coffee is organically made, fair trade, and locally roasted on the coast.

If you’re unfamiliar with the abbreviation “ACK,” it is the Federal Aviation Code for the airport on the island of Nantucket. Elizabeth, the founder, made some of her best memories on that faraway offshore island, and wanted to take those experiences, emotions, and feelings and distill them into a perfect cup of coffee enjoyed on a Sunday morning with family and friends.

Our current favorite by ACK Roasters is the Madaket blend, but we are really looking forward to trying the Scituate Harbor Christmas blend. It is that time of year in which piping hot coffee is the rule, and one of my favorite morning rituals is to add a splash of fresh maple syrup to ACK coffee as a substitute for cream and sugar. Try it—trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

ACK Roasters
Scituate, Massachusetts
(781) 499-5417