By Mandy McAndrews.

Photo: Mandy McAndrews

Walden Local is well known for their quality local meats, but they also carry some delicious locally made add-ons, like this PHENOMENAL hot sauce. That’s right, it’s so good they had to put it in the name. This flavorful hot sauce was created by Walden’s resident analyst who happens to be a foodie as well. After tasting and analyzing many local hot sauces to see which peppers paired best with which spices, Grant’s Phenomenal Hot Sauce was born and is now ready for all to enjoy. Add it to any dish for some extra heat and know it will turn out great—even, dare we say, phenomenal!

Walden Local
2 Highwood Drive

Tewksbury, MA 01876
(978) 362-8642

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