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Duck Duck Goose (turkey and chicken too!)
September 19, 2013

In the Old Colony Library Network:

Hatching and brooding your own chicks: chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl,  by Gail Damerow, 2013.

The illustrated guide to ducks, geese and other domestic fowl: how to choose them, how to keep them  by Celia Lewis, 2012.

Eating Animals  by Jonathan Safran Foer, 2009.

Animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life  by Barbara Kingsolver, 2007.

Food, Inc.  (DVD) produced by Robert Kenner.  Documentary.

The Locavores Dilemma: in praise of the 10,000 mile diet by Pierre Desrochers, 2012.


Websites and organizations:  Copicut Farms in Dartmouth   Den Besten Farm. Custom slaughterhouse.  Turkey farms in Massachusetts.  Mobile poultry processing in MA.  Questions to ask a poultry farmer.  Health benefits of grass-fed products.   Factory vs. family farming.       


Articles of Interest:

York, Helene.  “The Best Kind of Chicken Farming.” The Atlantic, June 6, 2011.

Ragovin, Helene. “Tufts program brings local poultry farming back to Massachusetts.”Tufts Nutrition Magazine , Winter 2010.   

Bedard, Megan. “ Food Inc. chicken farmer goes roque-says good-bye to factory farms.”

Pollan, Michael.”Profiles in Courage on Animal Welfare.” The New York Times “On the Table” Blog, May 29, 2006. courageoanimalwelfare/   Recipes for cooking with duck.  How to cook your goose.