South Shore Locavores Preserving the Harvest
September 27, 2011
brought to you by
Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore

Books (available through the Old Colony Library Network)Better Homes and Gardens. You Can Can: A guide to canning, preserving, and pickling. 2010.

  • Chadwick, Janet. The Beginner’s Guide to preserving food at home.  Storey Pub.    2009.
  • English, Ashley. Homemade living: canning and preserving with Ashley English: all you need to know to make jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys and more. Lark Books 2010
  • Gehring, Abigail R. The Homesteading Handbook: back to basics guide to growing your own food, canning, keeping chickens, and more.     Skyhorse Pub. 2011.
  • Krissoff, Liana. Caning for a new generation: bold, fresh flavors for the modest pantry. Stewart, Tabori & Chang 2010.
  • Madison, Deborah. Preserving food without freezing or canning: traditional techniques using  salt, oil, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, drying, cold storage, and lactic fermentation. Chelsea Green Pub.     2007.
  • Megyesi, Jennifer Lynn. The Joy of keeping a root cellar: canning, freezing, drying, smoking, and preserving the harvest. Skyhorse Pub.    2010.
  • Solomon, Karen. Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It: and other kitchen projects. Ten Speed Press  2011.
  • Ward, Karen. Canning and preserving for dummies. 2003.

Websites National Center for Home Food Preservation. Hosted by the Univ. of Georgia this site includes publications, seasonal tips, links to can, freeze, dry, cure, smoke, pickle and store. Find a pick –your- own farm near you. This website also includes illustrated canning, freezing and jam instructions with recipes. Site dedicated to helping the average person to preserve their garden harvest. Northeast Harvest site preserving fresh food locally grown.