Presented by Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore & South Coast 
Thursday, September 15th 2016,  Kingston Senior Center

Books in the Old Colony Library Network:

Adams, Mike. Food Forensics: the hidden toxins lurking in your food and how you can avoid them for lifelong health, 2016.

Nestle, Marion. What to Eat, 2007.

Newton, David E. GMO food: a reference handbook, 2014.

Stewart, Kimberly Lord. Eating Between the lines: the supermarket shopper’s guide to the truth behind food labels, 2007.


Center For Food Safety   

EatRight: Academy of nutrition and dietetics 

GMO Compass  

Jeff Novick “Should I Eat That?” video

Food Safety and Inspection Service Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms


Environmental Working Group- source for “Dirty Dozen, Clean 15” ratings and a downloadable app called “Food Scores” with a built in QR reader that scans and rates processed foods:

“How Safe Is That Chicken?”


Blake, Joan Salge. “Coming soon to your local supermarket: a new nutrition label.” U.S. News and World Report, May 23, 2016.

Hession, Julie. “How to read nutrition labels” Rachel Ray Every Day Magazine, 2016.

Lee, Rebecca. “Consumer Reports: “Natural” food labels misleading customers.” CBS News January 27, 2016.

Okura, Lynn. “Navigating the grocery store: an attempt to eat real food on a budget.” Oprah Magazine

Ruhs, Barbara M.S. R.D. “Learn to decipher supermarket shelf nutrition labels” Chicago Health online.

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This program is a collaboration between the Kingston Public Library, the Kingston Council on Aging and the Kingston Public Library Foundation.