Stephen Gore and Robin Flint standing by and ready to scoop at the Marshfield Farmers’ Market. : Photo: Elle Maynard

By Elle Maynard

The Townie Frozen Desserts cart made its debut at farmers’ markets and events around the South Shore last summer. Featuring a creative variety of ice cremes, sorbets, and toppings that are non-dairy, vegan, and nut-free, Townie aims to “create happiness with every scoop!”

Married for 34 years, Hull residents Robin Flint and Stephen Gore created Townie Frozen Desserts to realize their dream of spending each day together building a business. Initial plans were to manufacture traditional ice cream, but the two quickly recognized a need in the marketplace—tasty frozen desserts for those with dietary restrictions. The decision to focus on products that are non-dairy, vegan, and nut-free (even some gluten-free) has given the duo an opportunity to have fun creating new flavors, or as Robin calls them “elixirs”, that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Sorbets are made as simple as possible with recipes based on fruit, water, and sugar. Ice cremes are created using a vegan coconut base. Toppings are made from scratch using organic ingredients like cocoa powder, agave nectar, vanilla, and vegan cane sugar.

Townie currently produces over 50 flavors in a shared commissary kitchen in Kingston. A Kickstarter campaign is in the works to raise funds so the couple can build their very own commercial kitchen. The vision is to maximize production, secure a wholesale license, and make Townie available to local catering halls, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and grocery stores. In the meantime, the Townie cart can be found at farmers’ markets, festivals, fairs, and special events all around the South Shore. Available by the scoop or the pint, flavors vary but there’s always at least a dozen to choose from—and tastings are encouraged!

Manufacturing frozen desserts for individuals who can’t normally enjoy traditional ice cream has allowed Robin and Stephen to create happiness for an appreciative audience and to make their dream of working together a reality! Be sure to stop by the Townie cart at a farmers’ market near you—a complete list of markets and events is available on their website. Orders (even custom orders) can be placed via Facebook or by email from the website contact page.

Townie Frozen Desserts

Elle Maynard, prior to writing this article, gathered members of her extended family, from age 9 to 79—some with dietary restrictions, some without—for a Townie tasting. A delicious afternoon for all! Favorites included Strawberry Banana, Creamsicle, & Chai Tea.