By Kendra Murray.

From the Seoul

If asked what my favorite food is, I would struggle to answer that question with just one item. If I had to answer, though, in only a couple words, I’d probably say “something different.” Don’t get me wrong: greasy American staples like chicken tenders or a hamburger can certainly fill cravings for me, but generally speaking, I tend to prefer more eclectic cuisines.

Enter From the Seoul.

If you’re not looking for the restaurant, you will not accidentally stumble upon it. Located in a small strip mall on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth, it’s easy to pass by. The Texas Roadhouse restaurant is right next door, and their parking lot is always full. Folks visiting that restaurant are missing out on something so much better!

Walking into From the Seoul, don’t expect anything fancy. The restaurant is pretty small: there are a few booths and tables, a couple of high tops, and a small bar. If you are going on a weekday, there’s never a wait; however, Friday and Saturday nights can get pretty busy.

Anyhow, back to the most important part: the food! From the Seoul is an authentic Korean restaurant. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to try Korean cuisine, be prepared for lots of rice, veggies, meat, and the fermented goodness that is kimchi! Lots of Korean food is seasoned with gochugaru (hot pepper flakes) which provides quite the kick. However, there are plenty of menu items for those that prefer less heat with their meals.

If you do like spiciness, I highly recommend beginning your meal with kimchi. This Korean staple is served at most meals; in fact, Koreans tend to eat forty pounds per year! It is usually made with Napa cabbage and fermented in a brine of gochugaru, ginger, garlic, and scallions. (See our authentic kimchi recipe in our Fall 2017 edition.) From the Seoul offers traditional cabbage kimchi, as well as cucumber and radish varieties. I love the cucumber kimchi for something different…the cukes are refreshing with the hot and spicy gochugaru!

As far as main dishes go, every meal I’ve eaten at From the Seoul leaves me wanting more. My personal favorite is bibimbap, a rice dish served in a hot stone bowl. It has a little bit of everything in it: veggies, a deliciously seasoned beef (or tofu, if you aren’t a meat eater), and gojuchang (chili pepper paste), and is topped with a fried egg. This all gets stirred up before eating. Delicious!

If you’re not a fan of rice, there are some really great soups and stews, including ramyun noodles, which can be customized with whichever meats and veggies you would like. There are a lot of meat-heavy dishes too, including galbi, which is Korean BBQ beef short ribs; pork bokkeum, a spicy sliced pork with veggies; or bulgogi, thin slices of beef with onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Everything is fantastic and the portion sizes are generous. All meals are served with banchan, several side dishes for the table to share. Also, don’t expect forks. Chopsticks are the only utensils that will be placed in front of you.

I highly recommend jumping out of your comfort zone and trying Korean cuisine. From the Seoul has definitely become one of my favorite restaurants and is the only place on the South Coast offering authentic Korean food! If you want to try something exciting, but your family and friends aren’t as adventurous, don’t worry: From the Seoul has them covered. They can order a chicken sandwich.

From the Seoul
127 Faunce Corner Road

Dartmouth, MA 02747
(774) 328-9344

Kendra Murray is always searching the South Coast for new eateries with unique cuisines, locations, and an emphasis on local food. When not seeking out South Coast restaurants, you can find Kendra cooking up her own delicacies with ingredients from local farms and her own backyard!

From The Seoul - Dartmouth