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Julia’s Quick Sauce for Nella Pasta Ravioli

This can be put together in the couple minutes it takes to boil fresh ravioli. 1 box Nella Pasta Ravioli 1 clove garlic, minced 2-3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 bunch arugula or spinach, cut crosswise in 2-inch lengths...

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Making The Leap: Farmers’ Markets to Retail

by Julia PowersIn the last ten years, farmers’ markets have become beloved fixtures in many communities, providing access to locally-grown and -sourced foods, a vibrant sense of community, and inspiration to improve the way we...

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Straight-from-the-Garden Salsa

Sharpen your favorite knife and enjoy the sensory satisfaction of preparing this fresh-flavored salsa by hand. It’s a great way to preserve the texture of the tomatoes while practicing your knife skills. If you must use a food...

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Cider Donut Delight

edible Notablesby Katherine RossmooreWhat could be better than a hot apple cider donut hole right off the Flour Girls Baking Company’s Sweet Truck? These apple cider donuts are quintessential fall in New England: a rustic...

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Edible Notables

edible Notablesby Katherine RossmooreOld World-Style BreadHave you noticed that everything old is new again these days?The Old World-style bread lovingly handmade by Bridgewater Village Bakery’s Janet Lee Orosz involves an...

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Smoke ’em if you got ’em

By Paula Marcoux. It happens about once a summer. I meet a local sport fisherman who tells me that he catches tons of bluefish, but never eats the stuff. In fact, the story goes, he can barely give it away. At this point in the...

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Resource List: Antibiotics in Your Food

Kingston Public Library and edible South Shore and South Coast present Antibiotics in Your Food, May 15, 2014ResourcesBooks in the Old Colony Library NetworkBlaser, Martin J. Missing Microbes: How the overuse of antibiotics is...

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edible Notablesby Julia Powers The past decade has been an exciting time for local food lovers, with an increasing array of foods coming to market. Yet, surprisingly, finding local chicken—that staple of the weeknight dinner...

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