Hart Design publishes edition #63 of Edible Southeastern Massachusetts.

From coastlines where beach plums wait to be discovered to inland farms where the ripest of produce is ready for picking, it’s time to let the exploration of all things summer begin.

In the newest edition of Edible SEMA,  Blueberries, mulberries, and beach plums share the center stage during these summer months. Fresh for picking and ready for eating, these fruits will be the stars in your desserts and beverages, creating new summer memories for your family and friends.

Want to make your day hotter? Try two different jambalaya recipes, with or without fresh okra, then cool down with some palate-soothing vinegar-based desserts. Vanilla ice cream dressed with blueberry vinegar, anyone?

In the Local Provisions column, here come the berries again… and mushrooms… and canned chilled cocktails—tastes of summer that will give you reason to celebrate, holiday or not.

And please join Edible in recognizing and celebrating Gaspar’s 100th anniversary—the nation’s largest Portuguese sausage producer! Congratulations! Read about the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation family members now all working at the company (an astonishing feat for any family-run business) and learn how Gaspar’s stays current while maintaining its century-old traditions and recipes.

The new column, The BUZZ, will catch you up on locavore news and positive developments in SEMA-land.

So bask in the sun, sip in the shade, and nosh on the porch. You have plenty of options to keep the summer lasting way past Labor Day. It is all waiting for you. The forecast for the summer is berry good!

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